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Printing & Digital Imaging under one roof

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Printing & Digital Imaging under one roof

Magicus Junctra Corporation is the premier printing and digital imaging company nestled in the heart of Manila. It offers and provides a wide variety of exemplary and affordable quality products of photography and printing services.

It is divided into two creative divisions; the printing division specializes in layout and design services for all forms of print literature. While the digital imaging division is a hepped up group of professionals who are expertise in the field of photography and videography.

Quality Products

Graduation Portraiture
School events photo coverage
Class and batch pictures
Video coverage and DVD production
Yearbook and Annuals
Newspaper, Magazines and other school publications
Flyers, leaflets, brochure and other marketing collaterals
Interactive yearbook in CD, e-yearbook, e-book, e-magazine, etc.
Drone and Aerial Photography


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1722 President Quirino Avenue,
Pandacan, Manila 1011